Private Island Resort in Guanaja, Honduras

The Tropical Island
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Sunset Bay Lodge is Guanaja’s newest beach resort on the island’s north side, near the Mangrove Bight community. Enjoy expansive beachfront views with brand-new cabins & guest suites, all equipped with hot water and AC, creating the perfect location for all group sizes.

Enjoy your meals over the ocean at The Lionfish Grill, view wildlife from the screened-in Lazy Lizard Gazebo overlooking the vast Mangrove Estuary behind the lodge, or take a refreshing dip in the freshwater pool. Sunset Bay Lodge and Guanaja have something for everyone.

Experience world-class diving with over 50 named dive sites and only a few operations enjoying them, divers explore lesser-visited coral reefs, vertical walls, caves, and shipwrecks.

The island is surrounded by flats, making the perfect feeding ground for bonefish, permit, and tarpon; fly fishermen experience a rare and untouched fishery.

Relax on the sandy beach, dive, snorkel, fly fish, or take an island tour discovering the beautiful landscape and culture or hike to the impressive waterfalls.

Sunset Bay Lodge

Sandy Bay, Mangrove Bight
Guanaja, Honduras

scuba diving - guanaja, Honduras

Plan the most epic adventure in Guanaja with the best dive sites, most beautiful beaches, and superior guest experience.

Beachfront Cabins & Suites




Welcome to Paradise

The Bay Islands of Honduras are east of Belize and north of mainland Honduras in the Caribbean Sea. The islands exist peacefully like a country of their own, void of mainland issues and violence. Tourism is not only embraced; it’s their only hope.

Guanaja is the most remote Bay Island, located 43 miles off the north coast of Honduras and 8 miles from Roatan. It is known as the “Green Island” of Honduras, the most mountainous and lush of all the Bay Islands.

Sunset Bay Lodge

Sandy Bay, Mangrove Bight,
Guanaja, Honduras

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