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When people hear the word “Honduras”, bonefish, permit, and tarpon don’t usually come to mind.  Violence on the mainland takes up the media while the Bay Islands remain a safe Caribbean paradise, surrounded by flats. 

The Bay Islands of Honduras are special, and many organizations have been formed to keep it that way.  However, the most powerful conservation force in the islands is the will of the people.  Catch and release ethics developed because tourists came to support local jobs.  The more anglers come to the islands, the more natural conservation will happen.  The permit and bone fishery in Guanaja has multiplied since anglers started coming in 2008.

Saltwater fly-fishing is as much about the people and place as the fish.  The Bay Islands offers a memorable fly fishing vacation in paradise with friendly people. 

Guanaja offers a diverse Caribbean flats fishery where the shallow flats comprise of hard sand, turtle grass and coral. We mainly fish for permit and bonefish but also hunt tarpon, snook, various species of jacks and trigger fish.

When fishing Guanaja, you can expect to wade fish about 65 percent of the time and fish out from a boat the other 35 percent.

Our boats are all custom flats boat, made locally in Guanaja by the local boat maker, a rare trade to be found within such a small community, which makes the connection when fishing in these boats special. Being built locally means the knowledge that goes into the dynamics of one of our flats boats is specific for the flats around Guanaja.

Our guides are  highly trained and are some of the best in the Caribbean who will teach casting, tying and the finer elements of Caribbean flats fishing. 

Guided Fly Fishing

Guanaja is home to similar saltwater fly fishing scenarios as those found in other popular areas throughout Mexico and Belize.

What makes Guanaja unique?

You are generally the only one fishing the entire island as we are the only Fly Fishing operation.

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Full Day – Guided Fly Fishing
with @Flyfishguanaja

$550 USD for 1-2 people

Includes a full-day of guided fly fishing from a flats ponga with a trained and experienced local fly fishing guide. Catch and release for an amazing experience.

Lunch and drinks included

Sunset Bay Lodge

Sandy Bay, Mangrove Bight,
Guanaja, Honduras

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