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Explore the Guanaja jungle's wildlife & nature
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Or don’t do any of that at all and take a boat ride to the remote community of Northeast Bight and have lunch with the locals. Relax in a hammock, walk into the jungle and explore the fruit trees and wild creatures.

Explore the local caves and hike the highest peak.

Do all of it, bits and pieces or create your own adventure.

With this one you get an island guide for the day with boat access and based on your preferences and ability level we can customize the perfect jungle tour day for you.

Caribbean Wildlife Tours & Trips

Take a day to dive into the wonders of Guanaja. This trip is fully customizable and a resort guest favorite. The breathtaking waters, wildlife, floral scenery, and island top views make for a true tropical paradise. 

Hike to the waterfall and dip in the freshwater while checking out all the cool features the inner jungle offers. Stay quiet for the opportunity to spot an iguana or native parrot. Have lunch at a local restaurant and snorkel one of the coolest little areas – Michaels Rock.

Sunset Bay Lodge

Sandy Bay, Mangrove Bight,
Guanaja, Honduras

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