The Lionfish Grill

cooked shrimps on blue ceramic plate

Our kitchen prepares and cooks fresh, local produce and supports sustainable fishing for fresh seafood. All of our produce and meat are sourced locally. We pride ourselves on all guests having a comforting, delicious experience, and are able to accommodate dietary needs and special requests. 

To help us provide that perfect guest experience, please let us know in advance what dietary preferences or restrictions you have in your reservation party.

Fresh, local cuisine

Sunset Bay’s Lodge cuisine is an infusion of Honduran dishes combined with fresh local ingredients. 

Our outstanding Guanaja specialties include fresh seafood cooked to perfection, tamales, carne asada, and baleadas.

Stay nourished for all your adventures with a classic Honduras favorite, the baleada. Made with layered refried beans, cojita cheese, and sour cream, all in a fresh, hand-made tortilla. Add avocado slices, onion, scrambled eggs, fresh seafood, or other proteins to get your tastebuds in on your tropical vacation experience!

Sunset Bay Lodge

Sandy Bay, Mangrove Bight,
Guanaja, Honduras

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